Fresh Continental Breakfast in Kitchener

A fresh and elegant continental breakfast is the perfect way to start off a business meeting or a wedding breakfast. Let Conestoga Food Services Ltd. provide a smooth event for you, eliminating your need to plan.

Flawless Execution

Conestoga Food Services Ltd. will leave your guests with the impression of a flawlessly executed event without you having lifted a finger! That’s why we’re here.

Call Now!

Call Conestoga Food Services Ltd. if you’re hosting an event at which a continental breakfast would be appropriate and appreciated. We’ll make sure your event runs smoothly.


Fresh Fare

Take a look at our menu, below:

Fresh Baked Muffins, Danishes, Bagels and Croissants

(Provided with strawberry jam and cream cheese) $3.75

Fresh Fruit Tray $3.25

Fresh Fruit Tray with Order $2.75

Cheese Tray with Crackers $3.25

Cheese Tray with Crackers with Order $2.25

Vegetable Tray $2.75

Vegetable Tray with Order $2.25


Relish Tray $2.25

Relish Tray with Order $1.75

Soft Drinks, Water, Juice $1.50

Coffee/ Tea $1.25

Squares $2.25

Squares with Order $1.95

Squares 5 Per Person $4.25

Fruit, Cheese & Squares $7.75

All prices are quoted per person.

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